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Ben Mariner and The Online Pastry School

Ben Mariner is the owner and plated desserts coach at The Online Pastry School. 

His Career started at age 13 working at a number of restaurants and boutique hotels in Dorset before earning a full scholarship with The Royal Academy of Culinary arts at just age 16.

After training with the Royal Academy he was sent to one of London’s iconic five star Hotels, The Goring. It was here that Ben’s career started to take shape. After five years at the hotel he progressed to Pastry Chef de Partie, along the way taking part in the preparations for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. This was followed by the honour of cooking for HRH Queen Elizabeth and members of numerous royal families from all corners of the world. The icing on the cake came in 2013 when the restaurant won its first ever Michelin star since its opening in 1910.

After leaving the Goring in December 2015, Ben travelled to Melbourne, Australia to take on the role of research and development chef for celebrity chef and Master chef Australia judge, Darren Purchase.

During his time in Melbourne, Ben produced cakes and patisserie for the Melbourne based pastry shop as well as the products used for the opening titles of Master chef Australia, the VIP lounge at Formula One grand prix, the Australian open and the Melbourne cup.

Two years later Ben was head hunted for a return to London, now working part time as head pastry chef and developer to a famous Multi Billionaire and their Executives, whilst running the Online Pastry School with help from a fantastic team of six 

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