How to Make Chocolate Sauce

Knowing how to make a delicious chocolate sauce is vital for any pastry chef, and can be used as part of a wide range of dessert options. It forms part of the key recipes list for any professional pastry chef. This chocolate sauce recipe can be used to pair with everything from brownies, ice cream and cheesecakes as well as many more dishes or sweet treats. Once you have learned how to make a chocolate sauce at home, you will quickly realise that it is so much tastier than the kind you buy in shops and will use it for all your desserts.
Made from only 3 ingredients, our chocolate sauce is a quick and easy recipe that can very easily be made at home, and you can experiment by adding extra flavours like salt, vanilla or corn syrup to elevate the flavour even more. By the time you have found your perfect mix, you will have a fantastic and unique sauce that can give your dinner party desserts a little something extra.

It is perfectly possible to make this chocolate sauce using a regular bar of dark chocolate, but it is best when using a higher cocoa percentage, around 70% ideally.

Chocolate Sauce Ingredients
70ml Cream
70ml Milk
20g Caster Sugar
175g Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Sauce Recipe
Put your cream and milk into a saucepan together and place onto the stove. As the mixture warms up add the sugar and mix together well.
Bring the mixture to the boil, doing so gradually to avoid burning. This should take around 5 minutes.
Pour the whole of the mixture over the chocolate and whisk well until the chocolate has melted fully and emulsified with the cream mix.
Once it has emulsified it should be glossy and smooth, and quite thick. To remove any lumps pass through a sieve and it is ready to use.
If you are not using the sauce straight away it is best to store room temperature for use later on the same day, or in the fridge for the next day. If the sauce sets firm (especially if stored cold) simply warm over a pan of water to melt back to a liquid consistency.


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