Lemoncello parfait, raspberry, lemon and yoghurt

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100g Egg yolk

125g Caster sugar

2 Lemon zest and juice

1 Gold gelatine leaves, soaked

25ml Lemoncello

230g Double cream, very lightly whipped


Mix lemon juice, sugar, zest and yolks and whisk over a pan of boiling water until the mix starts to thicken.

Place the mix into a kitchenaid bowl and whisk on a medium speed.

Meanwhile gently warm the Lemoncello and use it to dissolve the gelatine. Add this to the egg yolk mix and leave to whisk until the mix cools to room temperature

Take off of the machine and fold in the lightly whipped cream

Pipe into metal rings sealed with Clingfilm to stop the mix leaking from the bottom.

Freeze overnight to set and store in the freezer until needed


Lemon curd

100g Lemon juice

3 Eggs

150g Caster sugar

100g Butter

4g Gelatine, soaked


Place all but the gelatine into a saucepan and bring the mix up to 82c on a thermometer while whisking constantly.

Pull the mix off the stove and add the gelatine to melt.

Pass through a sieve into a container and chill until set.

Once set, scrape into a bowl, beat with a whisk until smooth and place into a piping bag with a small round piping nozzle.


Yoghurt tuille

150g Fondant

150g Isomalt

150g Glucose

40g MSK yogurt powder


Heat fondant, isomalt, glucose to 150c, pull off the stove and dip the bottom of the pan into ice water for 1 to 2 seconds to stop the sugar cooking.

Stir in the yogurt powder and pour straight onto a silicone mat, spread as thin as possible and leave to cool.

Once cooled, break up the mix into shards and blitz to a dust like consistency in a blender.

Place the mix into a sieve and dust a thin layer over a tray lined with a flat silicone mat.

Cook at 160c with as low a fan speed as possible for 3-5 minutes until the dust melts into a thin sheet

Take out of the oven and leave to cool before breaking into shards.


Yoghurt crumble

100g Flour

125g Icing sugar

75g Yogurt powder

1 Vanilla pod

35g Ground almonds

125g Soft butter


Place everything into a mixing bowl and rub the butter in to a breadcrumb consistency.

Place the mix on a tray and spread out evenly, cook at 140c for 30 minutes.


Lemon meringues

125g Lemon juice

12g Egg white powder

250g Sugar


Mix 50g of sugar with the egg white powder and blend into the juice

Whisk this mix until it starts to foam and slowly pour in the rest of the sugar slowly

Whisk until the mix is thick and holds stiff peaks

Pipe onto a lined tray and dry in the oven at 90c for 15-25 minutes


Raspberry Gel

500g Boiron raspberry puree

50g Sugar

4g MSK Agar Agar: See the cheap but reliable micro-scales that I use here


Mix the Agar Agar through the sugar in a small bowl (this will prevent clumps from forming) and warm the puree in a pan.

When the puree is warm to the touch, sprinkle in the Agar and sugar mixture and then bring it up to the boil whisking continuously. Turn down the heat slightly and let it boil gently for at least one minute.

Pass the puree into a suitable container and chill until completely cold.

When cold, the mixture should be set into a hard jelly. Scrape the jelly into a blender (ideally a Thermomix) and blend until smooth.

(Optional) Pour the mixture into a high sided tray that fits inside the vacuum pack machine and place it inside uncovered. Bring the pressure down as far as possible. The mixture will bubble up, so keep your hand on the stop button just incase you tray is over full and it expands too far. As the pressure is released it will suck out all of the air bubbles from the blending process and leave a more colourful and shiny gel.

Place the mix into squeezy plating bottles.




Take out the parfait and run a blowtorch around the outside to loosen it from the ring and place in the middle of a bowl or plate

Pipe the curd on top in small dots

Pipe the raspberry gel into the larger gaps using the squezzy bottle

Next, place on the meringues, shards of tuille, small plushes of basil or mint cress and the yoghurt crumb around the bottom.

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